Financing Arrangement

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Financing Arrangement

Fast, convenient financial arrangement services


We handle information & conflict of interest with care


We have large pool of potential customers, banks, non-bank lenders

Market savvy

We understand the local market & give you advice 


We have a seasoned executive corporate and investment banking team

Financing Arrangement Credentials

We have successfully arranged financing for a number of corporate clients to finance for their business expansion and improvement

USD50 mio long term loan for 2 hydropower plants (completed, Aug. 2020)

VND1,150 billion onshore syndicated commodity finance for Korean Banks to finance a coal mining group in Vietnam (completed, Sep 2020)

VND350 billion mezzanine debt to a local developer of operating wind power plant (completed, Jan 2021)

VND500 billion long term loan to refinance the domestic loan of an operating solar power plant (completed, Mar 2021)

VND750 billion long term loan for an onshore wind power project (completed, Apr 2021)

VND1,620 billion loan for a 50MW nearshore wind power project (completed, Jun 2021)

VND300 billion 3 year-corporate bond for a local corporate (completed, Nov 2021)

VND200 billion 2 year-corporate bond for a local corporate (completed, Dec 2021)

We are working with Domestic and Foreign Banks and Securities Companies to arrange debt financing for our corporate and FI clients in energy, natural resources and manufacturing sectors

VND700 billion bond for a large economic-group (on-going)

VND300 billion bond for a real estate group (on-going)

USD75 million offshore loan for a real estate project (on-going)

VND1,000 billion bond for a real estate company (on-going)

VND600 billion bond for a real estate company (on-going)

VND800 billion term loan for a manufacturing company (on-going)

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